Food Stamps

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Market Demand Creates Jobs, NOT Tax Breaks

If you’re a grocery store cashier that judges poor people for buying junk food with food stamps and beer with welfare, you’re not just a condescending asshole, you’re also a huge idiot. If it wasn’t for the influx of federal money pumped into your local economy thanks to social service programs like SNAP and TANF, … Continue reading

Right Wing Food Stamp and Welfare Myths

There’s only one correct answer to the question, “What are poor people buying with their food stamps and welfare checks?” None of your goddamn business. People using social services still have human dignity and a right to privacy and they have just as much right to keep their shopping habits secret as anyone else. This … Continue reading

Why Do My Facebook Posts Bring Out the Right Wing Trolls?

I post something vaguely (oh, hell) overtly liberal on Facebook, and the trolls come out like clockwork. These trolls are my Facebook friends, some just acquaintances, some actual former high school friends. The following two posts got 211 and 148 comments, respectively, including my rebuttals, since I can’t leave well enough alone when someone’s wrong … Continue reading

Rick Santorum Tells Us Who Deserves Health Care

Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum, who should never be president, thinks if you have a cell phone, you should shut your trap about health care costs. Former Pennsylvania Senator Santorum, who, thanks to taxpayer dime, receives a lifetime supply of the best health coverage in the world, said this about a poor woman worrying about … Continue reading