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Why Do My Facebook Posts Bring Out the Right Wing Trolls?

This may be the quote of the year.

I post something vaguely (oh, hell) overtly liberal on Facebook, and the trolls come out like clockwork. These trolls are my Facebook friends, some just acquaintances, some actual former high school friends. The following two posts got 211 and 148 comments, respectively, including my rebuttals, since I can’t leave well enough alone when someone’s wrong on the internet.

There’s only one correct answer to the question, “What are poor people buying with food stamps and welfare checks?”: None of your goddamn business. People using social services still have a human dignity and right to privacy and they have just as much right to keep their shopping habits secret as anyone else.


You can be an Ayn Randian anti-social services, free market absolutist. And you can be a follower of Jesus. But you can’t be both.

Yesterday, in response to some “poor people are leaches” bullshit, I threw in a kick-ass Stephen Colbert quote. This is the response I got. The condescending idiocy is amazing.

Jesus never once said I had to take care of dead beats, the poor when Jesus was around aren’t the poor that exist in the United States. If anything he’d probably call them selfish-greedy pricks for asking for more then [sic] is already provided. People already give a good chunk of what they make, you want people to give more? 30% isn’t enough for you.

Yes, pal, 30% tax on income from people who actually work does seem like a lot when super rich men make most of their income on capital gains, where they are taxed at 15% on income earned from the interest made on their giant piles of money. Pal, you’ve mixed up real Jesus with Supply Side Jesus.


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