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Catholic Voting Wars

To my fellow Catholic friends voting for Romney because of the pro-life issue: Hope you know you’re not a top Republican priority. The GOP’s main constituency is a collection of mostly non-church going rich businessmen and Wall Street frat boys who, when they’re not running around drinking and carousing and burying dead hookers in the … Continue reading

The Blind Faith of Atheism

If archeologists discovered the actual bones of Jesus, I would stop believing on the spot, since that would disprove the Easter story and render Christianity at heart a fraudulent religion. Sure, there are sophisticated liberal protestants who say the resurrection was not really real, but rather a warm fuzzy in the hearts of the apostles … Continue reading

Dear Conservative Catholics: Stop Worrying About Moral Relativism (Quick Rant)

Thing my conservative Catholic friends need to stop worrying about: moral relativism. It doesn’t exist. Outside of idiot college freshmen after reading their first Nietzsche book, no one really believes that morality is a matter of opinion. Everyone believes their beliefs are right and other beliefs are wrong. The problem is not that liberals think morality … Continue reading

HHS Birth Control Mandate, The Catholic Church, and Religious Freedom

The Obama administration’s recent HHS health care decision mandates that all employers cover birth control prescriptions through their employee health care plans. Since the Catholic Church opposes artificial birth control, exemptions are allowed for churches, since they serve a directly religious function, but exemptions don’t apply to Catholic run hospitals, universities, or charities, since they … Continue reading

Bad Karma

Of all the silly stupid faddish nonsense modern Western liberals believe in, it’s quite possible that the silliest, stupidest, faddish nonsense of all is Karma, the dogma for people who say they hate dogmatic religion but still want the benefit of calling themselves spiritual without the burden of actually getting out of bed and going … Continue reading

3 Bible Books Summarized in 7 Words or Less

Ecclesiastes – “Shit happens, and then you die.” Job – “God, how does the sausage get made?” Song of Songs – “Your breasts are like two fawns. Hehe.” In all seriousness, though, I think these three books contain the entirety of human wisdom. Ecclesiastes tells us that life is meaningless…it’s all a chasing after the … Continue reading

In Defense of Anonymity: I’m Keith Hernandez’s Mustache and You’re Not

I’m Keith Hernandez’s mustache and you’re not.* I like bad baseball teams and good beer. *Note: I’m not affiliated in any way with the real Keith Hernandez. I’m another pseudonymous blogger. And why? Because somewhere there’s a writer talking about the gritty intangibles of David Eckstein or the clubhouse winning smile of Jeff Francoeur or … Continue reading