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Market Demand Creates Jobs, NOT Tax Breaks

If you’re a grocery store cashier that judges poor people for buying junk food with food stamps and beer with welfare, you’re not just a condescending asshole, you’re also a huge idiot. If it wasn’t for the influx of federal money pumped into your local economy thanks to social service programs like SNAP and TANF, … Continue reading

Fuck The Deficit! People Got No Jobs! People Got No Money! (Echoing Charles Pierce)

Is Barack Obama a radical secular socialist, or is he a Kenyan Muslim dictator? His probably racist opponents (yeah, I said it) seem to simultaneously hold to both conspiracies, which, though contradictory, makes a warped sort of sense when you consider that anti-Obama adherents are a melting-Tea Party-pot of self-imagined John Galts that mistake the … Continue reading