Ayn Rand

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The Drug Trade is Laissez-Faire Capitalism at its Purest

If you want to see pure free market trickledown capitalism at its Ayn Rand-ian finest, look to the drug trade. No unions fighting to get more of those corporate profits into the pockets of the street level slingers. No government regulations requiring warning labels for any negative health effects brought on by the product. You … Continue reading

Fuck The Deficit! People Got No Jobs! People Got No Money! (Echoing Charles Pierce)

Is Barack Obama a radical secular socialist, or is he a Kenyan Muslim dictator? His probably racist opponents (yeah, I said it) seem to simultaneously hold to both conspiracies, which, though contradictory, makes a warped sort of sense when you consider that anti-Obama adherents are a melting-Tea Party-pot of self-imagined John Galts that mistake the … Continue reading