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Catholic Voting Wars

The GOP gives lip service to Christian conservatives, but the only god Republican leadership really worships is this idol.

To my fellow Catholic friends voting for Romney because of the pro-life issue: Hope you know you’re not a top Republican priority. The GOP’s main constituency is a collection of mostly non-church going rich businessmen and Wall Street frat boys who, when they’re not running around drinking and carousing and burying dead hookers in the backyard and snorting enough coke to get ten poor black people thrown in jail and paying for so many vacuumed-out fetuses after one night stands that you can be sure they’re giving more money to Planned Parenthood than fifty Hollywood fundraisers, are getting rich off the suffering of others thanks to a financial sector they turned into a rigged casino and used to credit default swap the entire national economy into a deep recession by intentionally giving out shoddy mortgages and betting the other way on the very failure of those toxic assets. Bankers and businessmen, the GOP’s true base, are knee deep in avarice and, yes, usury, a sin the Catholic Church may have too hastily erased. The GOP base worships a god, alright, and his name is Mammon, idolized in statue form as the Wall Street Bull, a literal Golden Calf idol.

And, yeah, Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan may be a Mass-going Papist, but his political inspiration ain’t Aquinas, it ain’t Augustine, and it sure ain’t Chesterton. It’s Ayn Rand, that God-hating abortion-loving queen of selfishness herself. My fellow Catholics, if you can’t vote for Obama because he’s wrong on one issue, that’s fair enough, even if other just-as-faithful Catholics can and will vote Democrat. But I’d recommend not voting Romney/Ryan either, unless you think the spirit of Catholic social teaching can be squared with cutting social services to pay for rich person tax cuts.


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2 thoughts on “Catholic Voting Wars

  1. Wait, so the wealthy and greedy people at the top are so because they are godless and really support planned parenthood? Is that really your argument? I know a lot of atheists, and most I know are secularists who tend to support liberal causes, although there are some libertarians and Randians out there (I personally think Ayn Rand is a pretty poor example of a thinker and not my role model).

    Posted by shaunphilly | October 18, 2012, 1:43 pm
    • No, I’m not saying that rich oligarchs running this country got to the top because they are godless hedonists. I’m sorry if it came across that way. The message of this post isn’t towards those planning to vote Obama anyway. This post is geared towards conservative Christians planning on voting Republican because of social issues. I want them to know that the Republican Party is most concerned with catering to the rich. Incidentally, many of the rich at the top are secular and socially liberal, and while those aren’t the reasons they are ruining this country–they’re ruining this country by taking advantage of a deregulated financial sector to prey on middle class pensions, investments, and mortgages–it doesn’t hurt to let religious conservatives know that the people really running their party do not share any similar values with them.

      I’m glad Ayn Rand is not your role model. In an ideal world, she would not be anyone’s role model. But, sadly, she is the role model for billionaire business owners. She is the role model for the Republican vice presidential candidate, even if he has now magically changed his mind.

      Posted by keithstache | October 18, 2012, 1:56 pm

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