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Rush Limbaugh and the First Amendment (rant)

No, Rush, it's not "political correctness run amok" when you get called out for being a dick.

I don’t know if Rush Limbaugh deserves to get fired for those awful things he said about Sandra Fluke, but one thing this situation has nothing to do with is free speech. If he keeps his job, he’s no First Amendment hero. Likewise, if he gets fired, there’s no First Amendment violation. He can still shout his nonsense from any street corner without getting arrested. The 1st Amendment doesn’t protect you from getting fired by a private employer, and it doesn’t protect you from speech’s natural social consequences. Frankly, I’m more concerned about the feelings of those hurt by bigoted speech than I am for those poor rich white men who risk their radio show jobs and “bravely” stand up for free speech by provocatively shouting hateful nonsense.


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