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Jose Reyes is a Starting All Star Shortstop. And, yeah, so is Derek Jeter.

This man's OPS+ may only be 77, but his intangibles are off the chart. And he's banging Minka Kelly (and you're not).

In a win for intangibles, grit, David Eckstein, and heart, Derek Jeter was voted the American League’s All Star Game starting shortstop.

Yes, this makes for easy snark. But if we look at the starting lineups, fans did a decent job. Jose Reyes is rightfully starting. Prince Fielder, for his superior first half, earned the NL start at first base over Albert Pujols. Derek Jeter isn’t so much a case of fans being stupid as it is a case of fans doing what they did for Cal Ripken his last five or six seasons in the league. Their vote for Jeter is a career achievement award. Is an All Star game selection an honor, or an achievement? Is it to honor the best careers? Or is it to honor the best players? Or the players who are having the best season?*

So I want to congratulate Derek Jeter, 8th among AL shortstops in OPS, for being selected as an All Star starter. The National League needs all the help it can get winning World Series homefield advantage.

*Honoring the best season, for example, means Prince Fielder over Pujols. Best player means Pujols, of course.


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