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So Grantland’s Jonah Lehrer Loves Them Intangibles

His OPS+ may only be 87, but his Heart/Grit Quotient is at least 3 Wins Above Replacement alone.

When you buy a car, don’t worry about horsepower or fuel efficiency, says Grantland’s Jonah Lehrer. Look at the car seats. Test them out. See if they’re comfortable. That’s what a $20,000 investment is all about. But I digress. Lehrer’s column isn’t a mindbogglingly stupid essay about cars. That’s just the anecdote. It’s a mindbogglingly stupid essay about statistics. Lehrer, in short: Statistics are bad. Real fans don’t like statistics. What matters is a player’s heart, preferably if he’s four feet tall, has David Eckstein’s intangibles, and is the real reason the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Title, fuck that 7 foot German guy who won the Finals MVP.

But that’s enough from me. If you want to see what the rest of the internet thought of Lehrer’s steaming turd, look here or here or here or here.


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